How xod jewellery got started

Roughly 30 years ago, my Mom, Barbara Boyes, got really interested in making semiprecious and precious stone jewellery. A young teen, I would tag along shopping - what's now Canada Beading Supply was then a showroom in a private residence - and became interested in stones as well. Mom began making lovely, one of a kind pieces, using silk, stones, and precious metals. I learned the basics of creating necklaces - stringing and knotting and design. While busy with a young person's life of college and jobs, I continued to create jewellery as time allowed, and working with my Mom to help her with home shows, and finding retail partners.   

Westboro had a terrific store at the time, called Earthly Treasures. My Mom was quite shy, but I happily showed off her jewellery to the owner, Maurice, and this became the first retail outlet to carry her pieces. Further partnerships soon happened, including Our Natural World at Carlingwood, the gift shop at the Museum of Nature, and Alyea's Jewellers on Sparks Street.  Through the years, Mom worked at her craft, and I was the beneficiary of a strong education in jewellery. It helped that I had a discerning eye for quality and unique stones and combinations. 

A few years ago, I took over the business, rebranding it to xod jewellery, which has given me the opportunity to focus on my designs and vision. Since I was little, I have signed off on notes, letters and emails to the people I love with a simple xod, and this is where the name originates. xod is me. It represents a bit of my heart, which I want to share through beautiful things. 

I am incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement I have received.  An early accomplishment was being able to continue partnering with Alyea's Jewellers on Sparks Street.  Goldart Jewellers -then located at Bank and Sparks, now located in the Glebe - has also carried my pieces. This support, combined with strong word of mouth sales, has led me to expand my business to an online store.

Making beautiful, one of a kind things is a great joy. Fixing beloved items is another. I hope you like the jewellery here. if you have ideas, or a design you've been contemplating, or a favourite item that's broken and languishing in a drawer, contact me. I am always happy to talk jewellery!